The Concept

Caravan Prelude

Bright night ballroom
Caravan coarse
Chrysalis costume
Spectacle force

Firmament serenely staring
Charcoal eyes and sonorous blaring
First position, crowd behold
Variations to be told

The place they landed just this morning
The name, it slipped her mind
Time keeps spinning without warning
Tomorrow’s story’s well defined

Basic figure, fervid flicker
Swirls and sweats, feather steps
Dulcifying, limbs start flying
Scatter ’round the campus

In a twist her shape is shifting
Arms turn liquid, feet are lifting
Radiant robotic roaring
Gliding over people, pouring

Enchanting blaze, alluring rays
Crimson waltz farewell
Bodies tango, fly and split
Leaping into hell

Nebulous inferno eating
Heating every single beating
Heart that’s gathered ’round
Silencing the motley ground

The crowd explodes in cheer and lingers
Cherishing their fiery queen
Bewitched by graceful sanguine fingers
Dancing en pointe in between

Pirouettes of metal gliding
Spinning freely, balancing
Silver stars that twirl and jangle
Filling pockets save her own

Her flames they melt and drip and fade
Turnout follows suit
Content her kind is following
The carnival’s pursuit

Caravan Coda

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