’tis Advent’s final days spitmore cricketsthan Christmas lights. My cardigan actslike pet cats slitheringin and out the kitchen door. Soon, Continue Reading

The Bubble I alter my accent when I talk.Received pronunciationdemolishes all signs of me.Nobody, NOBODYcan prick my map. I alter Continue Reading

Today I left Manderley It didn’t go up in flames In fact, I’ll re-enter On occasion I no longer hear Continue Reading

Water towers towerOver and overWhite and un-wildLike ferrous jellyfish

Sticky shine, an afternoon highlighted Like scholarly papers Capable young oak Bipedal locomotion A stroll, then a meaty collision The Continue Reading

I lost a friend today Long-haired vintage woman I skimmed the local paper as I often do Searching for centenarians Continue Reading

Imogen from Pepper Hill This story is about to kill A sparkling daughter, twenty-one Grand, sincere, forever gone Nurse Love, Continue Reading

Modena, Prague, Cologne, and Glasgow Petrichor, the street lights Pernod Prismatic arches, alameda Trunks wet on one side in need Continue Reading

Caravan Prelude Bright night ballroom Caravan coarse Chrysalis costume Spectacle force Firmament serenely staring Charcoal eyes and sonorous blaring First Continue Reading