Sleep for Dessert

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with illustrations by Soma Ishii

Through the looking glass, you’ll find the witty and whimsical poems in Olivia Elektra Willson-Piper’s ‘Sleep for Dessert’. Here, Alice wanders a gritty wonderland of concrete, pigeons, and streetside café tables, where the line between machine and animal blurs into the same clattering birdsong: “Chaffinch and chainsaw, / jackdaws and hammers, / common crane— / feathers on the façade.” With carnivalesque imagery and clever wordplay, Olivia Elektra weaves a compelling journey through a winding dreamscape. There is curiosity and love, melancholy and fear, the strange and the familiar; but most of all, there is the desire to leave home and the desire to find it again. These dreamlike poems are pinholes on a map where light leaks through.

Edited and designed by Tell Tell Poetry
Printed in the United States of America
First Printing, 2023

ISBN 978-989-33-4639-6

© 2023 Olivia Elektra Willson-Piper


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